What are the Knotch Supernormal Awards? These annual awards celebrate the best branded content in the world. The awards will be held during Ad Week in NYC, on the morning of Wednesday, September 27th in a unique location. Last year we hosted you at Lightbox, an immersive space where the audience could interact with the winning content on every wall of the venue. This year we will host you in an incredible, supernormal venue and one that will redefine the experience of a weekday morning for all of us!

Why SUPERNORMAL? Because we think the best attribute of a good piece of branded content is its true immersion into our daily lives. And who better to judge how supernormal content is than the supernormal people it is supposed to reach? This year, our judging panel will be made out of randomly selected people from the demographic category the content was designed to reach. Every judging panel will be chaired by an industry-sourced judge familiar with the category who can moderate the conversation.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Well - first of all, winning the award and the recognition as the SUPERNORMAL Marketer/Publisher/Agency of the Year for the category you are competing in. Second, every winner receives a year-long invitation to the exclusive series of immersive parties & dinners that Knotch organizes together with our investors (and for those of you who have attended Palace of The Machines in Cannes - you know exactly what I am talking about ;) ) at CES, Cannes, AdWeek as well as our Quarterly Industry Leader Dinners in San Francisco, LA, NYC & London. Finally - you get the famous hot pink Knotch gnome to plant in your office as a sign of how awesome you are.



Intelligence, NOT data. Knowledge, NOT data. Wisdom, NOT data. 

At Knotch we are NOT a table of data that you are struggling to comprehend with your 30-person data science team. At Knotch we ARE focused on giving you a real connection with your audience and one that helps you understand the people behind the data in real time. Because that is the connection that truly matters. 

Get ready for a unique award ceremony - one that will really bring to life and celebrate both the people behind the content (the creators) and the people behind the data (the audience). 

Can’t wait to see you there,
Anda Gansca
Founder & CEO, Knotch