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Grown Ups

Anyone over the age of 35 yo

"Age of Wisdom" by TD Ameritrade + Upworthy

Upworthy and TD Ameritrade partnered to create a content series for the Age of Wisdom campaign. The goal was to make talking about money less taboo in society, and to show examples of how spending money the right way can lead to happiness.

"Give the Gift of Home" by Air Wick + Droga5

Air Wick captured the journey of older folks as they downsize from one home to another. As they left the home they've known for ages to a new one, Air Wick captured the essence of their old home in a custom scent to make downsizing less painful.

"The Age of Elegance" by Covergirl + Purewow

PureWow partnered with CoverGirl and select influencers to help bring the Simply Ageless product line to life. Custom videos featuring each of the influencers provided insights into their lives and the reasoning behind why they use the CoverGirl products.

"Real Strength Highlight Reels" by Dove Men+Care U.S. + Edelman

By sharing the personal stories of Carson Palmer and Jordy Nelson through their “Real Strength Highlight Reels,” we showcased that the moments that truly define these men as heroes – the off-the-field instances where they experience care with family, friends and in their communities.

"Raining Octopuses" by GE + BBDO  New York

Bizarre things can happen in the world, like octopuses falling from the sky. GE is here to show the world that it is ready to handle whatever the world throws at it.

"Sports Thrillistrated" by Lexus + The Foundry @ Time Inc.

Sports Illustrated and Lexus Performance teamed up to thrill viewers and soccer enthusiasts through buzz-worthy video stunt featuring American soccer icon Clint Dempsey. SI & Lexus created a three-part trick-shot video campaign, showcasing the performance, thrill, and fun of three Lexus F-Sport performance vehicles through highly shareable and press worthy clips.

“Damien Premium Takeover” by A&E + New York Post

Post Studios and A&E collaborated to design and build a custom high-impact premium takeover on where Damien 'possessed' Page Six transforming it into “Page Six Six Six.”

“Supermarket Survival Guide” by Perdue + PureWow

PureWow developed a beautiful interactive destination designed to help readers navigate the supermarket, make informed purchasing decisions, and position Perdue as the best protein choice.  Perdue needed to re-educate consumers on key health benefits as they look to re-brand and align with healthy choices.

“Cocainenomics” by Netflix + WSJ Custom Studios

To support the rollout of Netflix’s Narcos, we created an immersive storytelling website that explored the history and logistics of the global cocaine trade from the 1960s to the death of Medellín Cartel leader Pablo Escobar and right up to present day.

“Defy Hunger Together” by Mini USA + WSJ Custom Studios

To promote the philanthropic cause, MINI partnered with WSJ. Custom Studios to create Defy Hunger Together, an immersive digital storytelling experience that gives voice to the stories of people struggling to feed their families in America.

“Travel through 129 years of automotive innovation” by Mercedes-Benz + Quartz

Quartz created an interactive timeline that allows readers to discover the innovations that culminate with the release of the GLE, from 1886 through 2015.

“The Message” by GE + Giant Spoon

In partnering with the Panoply podcast network, we launched The Message, an eight-episode sci-fi drama series that unfolded in Orwellian fashion.


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