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Title: Break the Barriers
Brand: Unilever
Agency: Mind Share

Views: 381,000 on Youtube, 600,012 on Facebook

Shares: 8,450

Closeup as a freshness gel toothpaste is driven as a confidence enabler for two mutually attracted youth to get closer. However what we found is that youth make assumptions from afar/ judgments by simply looking at FB profile pics that act as barriers for them to get close. Therefore this piece of communication is the first piece in a 8Q plan of showcasing that the judgements we make from afar can be wrong and that the real picture only becomes clearer when you get closer. However the piece which is a social experiment done using real life individuals and not models captures this in a matter which engages youth and gets the conversation started. which in sri lanka which is a highly traditional and conservative country is a hard challenge.

The piece is a social experiment where we brought 8 individuals who replied to a request from a 3rd party research agency requirement site. we're brought to an undisclosed location and split into paris then shown images of people they hadn't seen before and asked for their opinions. Once that was done we then brought each pair together and captured reactions of the random stranger judging them in front of them. Thereafter we left the cameras rolling to see how perceptions changed once they got closer and started interacting

the strategy behind the deployment was a first time ever for sri lanka. where we didn't deploy though own or brand owned assets but we deployed through 20 of the trending youth related gossip/info pages as organic material. The brand was kept put of the initial push and the power of the content was allowed to shine. This lead to 50+ other trending pages organically sharing this content and leading to 8000+ organic shares (highest in sri lanka for a branded content piece) furthermore we began a whatsapp video sharing group which now has been shared to upto 1.2mn unique #s. through various whatsapp groups

Title: Defending Against A Cyberattack

Brand: Siemens
Publisher: The Washington Post

Views: Page views exceeded WP BrandStudio benchmarks by 150%. Total unique visitors exceeded benchmarks by 87%

Shares: N/A 

This single launch program for Siemens is a custom-built, 3D WebGL experience that allows users to step inside the story of how a cyberattack takes place, and the solutions to head off these risks. The two scenarios--a power grid and a manufacturing plant--allow the audience to explore, learn about semi-fictionalized past attacks on operational technology, and how Siemens is a resource to protect America’s infrastructure for the future.

Title: Rose, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Chatbot
Brand: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Agency: R/GA

Views: N/A - Over 8,000 guests have chatted with Rose

Shares: N/A Rose has sent over 400,000 messages in response to over 55,000 guest inquiries

Earlier this year, R/GA Chicago created Rose for its client The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Rose is a sassy, AI-driven chatbot designed to increase sales and customer engagement as well as build brand loyalty.

With more than 1,000 natural language responses, Rose can offer guests ways to book experiences such as restaurant reservations, spa treatments, event tickets, and spontaneous adventures like self-guided art tours. To help drive guest engagement and increase spending, Rose shares the inside scoop, including things like secret menu items and special offers. Hotel guests are introduced to Rose by receiving her card with their key at the registration desk and can ask for whatever they need.

The Washington Post says, “Like a modern-day, choose-your-own adventure, she (Rose) can recommend cocktails at different bars, describe the vibe at various restaurants, act as an art tour docent and more.”

Guest interaction with Rose has had real impact since her launch in January, significantly driving increased satisfaction. As consumers become more accustomed to digital, they appreciate and enjoy opportunities to connect with brands in unique yet convenient ways. Rose functions as a branded concierge, housekeeping aide, and much more.

Mamie Peers, Vice President of Digital Marketing at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas says after engaging with Rose, guests are 19% more satisfied with their stay and spend 20-40% more than guests who do not engage with her. And, engagement is high - 82% of guests who are introduced send almost 8 messages on average during the course of their visit.

How Rose was born:

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a luxury casino and resort offering a decidedly different perspective from other hotels on the strip: from its commitment to integrating art into every experience, to the world-renowned Restaurant Collection and distinct entertainment venues. With over 3,000 rooms, the resort not only competes with other hotel properties on the Vegas strip, but also with Online Travel Agents (OTA) like Travelocity and Expedia to book rooms. Those who book their hotel through an OTA get a room, but those who book directly with The Cosmopolitan get an experience like no other.

R/GA Chicago’s challenge was to get those who have stayed at The Cosmopolitan to re-book their next visit directly with the hotel rather than an OTA, while also finding ways to increase revenue on premise by giving them VIP-like access around the resort that helps them navigate the property and book experiences.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the R/GA team met with every department within The Cosmopolitan to learn the secrets and surprises the typical guest wouldn’t find on their own. With this treasure trove of information, R/GA leveraged the user experience team to identify key conversation categories that would help guests experience the property through their interests. Once the team designed the unique voice of Rose, over 1,000 conversation threads were created to offer guests opportunities to book experiences such as restaurant reservations, spa treatments, event tickets, and spontaneous adventures like self-guided art tours. To help drive guests to bars and clubs, Rose provides insider information, like secret menu items and offers, to help increase spend on the property. Hotel guests are introduced to Rose by receiving her card with their key at the registration desk, and are encouraged to ask Rose (via SMS/text) for anything during their stay.

Title: Analyze This Or That
Brand: Toyota
Publisher: WSJ

Views: 2,127,174

Shares: 11,364

WSJ. Custom Studios and Toyota partnered to create Analyze This or That, a platform for contrasting ideas and that engage both sides of the brain. The custom quiz execution contains various scenarios that the user must navigate and decide how to react. After answering five questions the user is given an analysis of left and right brain usage.