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Title: A-Z of Aaliyah
Brand: M·A·C Cosmetics
Publisher: Vice Media

Engagement Metrics:

3.5MM video views, totaling 5.5MM minutes of video consumed. A-Z of Aaliyah was the number one video watched in 2018 across i-D’s YouTube channel. The video generated a VCR of 49%, which outperforms the VICE benchmark by 63%. Social posts promoting the program generated over 92.7K engagements (likes, comments, shares).

i-D, M·A·C Cosmetics, and Aaliyah’s family joined forces to create A-Z of Aaliyah, a modern homage to her music, dance, beauty, and style. This latest iteration of i-D’s long-standing A-Z series took the form of a nonlinear hero film, beauty-focused trailers, and supporting articles all published in i-D’s editorial stream.

The program brought Aaliyah’s biggest collaborators and her biggest fans together— both credibly honoring her legacy and rewarding the fans that convinced M·A·C to launch The Aaliyah Collection with a petition.

A-Z of Aaliyah reimagines the iconic alphabet format as Aaliyah would – not bound by the confines of conventional language, but through a deconstructed narrative of Aaliyah’s persona, artistry and legacy. From Missy Elliott and Timbaland to Princess Nokia, Empress Of, Keke Palmer, Alton Mason and more, the film’s 26 vignettes weave together a cast of fans, collaborators, and creative talent building on Aaliyah’s influence today.

Timbaland’s team scored the film with a modern interpretation of Aaliyah’s sound. Aaliyah collaborators Tre Major, Eric Ferrell and Derek Lee consulted on hair, makeup and styling, respectively. And finally, five of Aaliyah’s biggest fans were cast through Instagram, building on the inherently social movement that sparked MAC’s upcoming Aaliyah Collection.

The positive sentiment for the MAC A-Z of Aaliyah was overwhelmingly positive, delivering a 98% sentiment on YouTube, outpacing the VICE YouTube benchmark of 85%. Numerous comments were posted across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram indicating the positive sentiment the audience felt for the video. The audience spoke of the “incredible quality of the video” that was “mesmerizing to watch”.

Title: Ask Sallie Video Series

Brand: ElleVest

Engagement Metrics:

Growth of our social community (200K strong as of September 2018).

The financial services industry is letting women down: 72% of women say that investing is “set up to be confusing.” And the result is a gender investing gap. We founded Ellevest to close the gender money gaps. The Ask Sallie video series is a key part of that strategy, aimed to help women learn about investing, career, and money in short, sharp videos that live in social media. Hosted in a personal, conversational tone by Ellevest co-founder and Wall Street leader Sallie Krawcheck, the series is an ongoing conversation that feels like a more senior coworker leaning across the desk and giving you career and money advice.

Finance and career content is patronizing, full of jargon, and/or boring. Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck’s personality and deep knowledge of the financial industry shines through in this desk-filmed series. Our goal with Ask Sallie is to create short, snackable content which that lets women easily tag or send it to a friend to spread the knowledge — so that we’re reaching new audiences, giving women information they can use to take control of their money, and officially owning the financial feminism space.

Title: Shot On iPhone
Brand: Apple

Engagement Metrics: Instagram followers - 7.9M

Featuring photos and videos taken by iPhone users across the globe, the campaign is a social extension of the company’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign that launched in 2015 and has since appeared on billboards, television and in print.