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Title: Capital Creates Change
Brand: Morgan Stanley
Publisher: WSJ

Views: 274,000+ page views

Shares: 36,734 social referrals, 9,111 social actions

In our first ever custom VR execution, WSJ. Custom Studios partnered with Morgan Stanley to create Capital Creates Change- an immersive 360-degree video experience examining two key themes, sustainability and mobility. This program illustrates how Morgan Stanley’s investments in sustainability initiatives are providing tangible solutions for governments, businesses and companies across the globe.

Highlighting three stories, the WSJ. CS team traveled to the island of Kiribati, the desert of Nevada and the city of San Francisco to capture both 360 videos and flat videos, each accompanied on the custom hub by a long-form editorial piece.

Title: Grid in Motion

Brand: GE
Agency: Giant Spoon

Views: 2.9 Million+

Shares: Social shares were not tracked for this campaign, below are the relevant social numbers.

1.8M Facebook views, 1.1M Instagram views
1,603 Illuminate Track Plays on Spotify
Earned Media = 55 million+ impressions

The purpose of the video was to make the invisible & often over-looked resource in our lives (the energy grid) visible. GE’s solutions equip 90% of power utilities worldwide to bring power from generation to consumers. The dance was choreographed to emulate how energy, produced from sources like wind, solar and gas, moves through our electrical grid. The dance illustrates several scenes, including how a power outage is quickly resolved, something GE helps its customers remain prepared for. On June 6th, GE partnered with Daybreaker, a 3 hour experience that consists of a yoga session and a two hour morning dance party, to connect Miami and New York City. The two cities connected with one another via livestream and a metaphorical “transmission of energy” as powered by GE. Daybreaker community members heard the same audio feed from a live DJ, saw and interacted with one another despite the 1,000+ miles of distance, and experienced a guest performance by Gryffin as well as the launch of “Illuminate.” Two cities. One experience. Connected through energy — we called it Global Flow.

Title: Propel Power Workout with Pandora
Brand: Propel Water
Publisher: Pandora

Views: N/A

Shares: N/A

Propel, an electrolyte replacement drink and part of The Gatorade Company, recently partnered with Pandora to make Propel Water a top-of-mind beverage choice for exercisers. Pandora’s music platform was a natural fit for the campaign because ideal tunes are critical to getting a good workout. Using Pandora’s “runner” and “sport drink enthusiast” targeting segments, Propel ensured that the right listeners received audio messages during relevant moments. 

To connect with exercisers, Pandora created two rich media units that (literally) got listeners moving. Using the smartphone’s gyroscope to measure rotational motion, listeners could tilt their phones to reveal hidden Propel messaging to launch a Custom Station. Listeners could also shake their phones and–using the iPhone’s accelerometer–unlock an hour of uninterrupted listening with Pandora’s Sponsored Listening solution. Together, these interactive campaign elements successfully invited listeners into Propel’s experience, making them feel like part of the brand story.

Getting people moving was a cornerstone of Propel’s campaign, so integrating engagement-based music solutions was a must. To achieve this, Pandora launched the Propel Power Workout station, an upbeat, curated listening experience to perfectly suit any exercise activity. For users who want to workout to music they know and love, Propel also partnered with Pandora to provide them with an hour of uninterrupted ad-free listening.

Title: Crush Courses
Brand: Walmart
Publisher: n/a

Views: 212,000

Shares: n/a -700,000 Subscribers on the show
5 episodes created
More than 200,000 listens on all content

Innovation Crush worked with Walmart on their first ever appearance at SXSW. The event was held from March 10-14th at Austin’s Capital Factory, one of the largest co-working and accelerator spaces in Austin. We consulted on how Walmart would go about showcasing the future of retail in their space which included everything from RFID enabled name tags, to robots like Pepper and of course the programming of Crush Courses, a series of four live recorded podcasts which included The Case Foundation’s Jean Case; Mashables former Editor-at-Large, Ben Parr, Ad Council’s director of innovation, Ariba Jahan, and Sid Lee/C2 Montreal Founder, JF Bouchard. One additional in studio interview was recorded with Walmart CTO, Jeremy King; published 3 weeks leading up to he event.


Title: I'm With The Banned
Brand: Spotify
Publisher: Spotify

Views: 991,743 total views of trailer

Shares: N/A - 24,183 total followers,

A new branded series from Spotify will feature international artists belonging to the countries named in the latest iteration of our government’s US travel ban. In it, the featured musicians share their struggle with the current sociopolitical climate and discuss its relationship to their music. Produced by Anonymous Content in conjunction with Spotify’s in-house creative and ad teams, the series hopes to provide an alternative, human perspective on America’s current immigration situation.