Supernormal Awards

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Title: The Individual Economy
Brand: The Trade Desk
Publisher: The Wall Street Journal

Views: 63,446

Shares: 1,200 social actions and referrals

The Individual Economy explores how technology has created opportunities for those who have traditionally had less access to jobs, services, and education and how it has given consumers unparalleled access to massive libraries of content and classes while revolutionizing its consumption at home, work and play. Envisioned as a sponsored conversation, WSJ.CS + The Trade Desk have partnered to create a content hub that explores how businesses are driving the Individual Economy and changing the way we buy, sell, and discover just about everything.

This engaging, multi-format experience highlights the implications of personalization and the real-time bidding industry. The program begins with the story of “The Business Of Me”- about how technology is fueling the transformational power of personalization. Thought leadership pieces in the form of video and podcasts featuring the companies Hulu, Udemy, and Rent The Runway highlight the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as meeting consumer demands becomes more urgent. The pieces explore how their companies and industries are being inspired by and are adopting, and benefiting from real-time customer engagement. In addition, a timeline demonstrates the RTB evolution starting from its first use by NASDAQ in 1971 to present day use in retail and education.

Title: Hugo

Brand: HPE
Publisher: Quartz

Views: 43,014

Shares: 602 (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Hugo is a chatbot execution powered by natural language processing that lives within Quartz’s first ever Machines with Brains special project, examining how smart machines are enabling us to live and work more efficiently. Engaging with users through the power of conversation, Hugo offers the latest news and trends related to technology and its effect on the enterprise, specifically robotics, IoT, supercomputing, AI, the cloud, security, and analytics.

Hugo is built for the platforms our users frequent and learns from users’ interests, bringing them more of what they want and curating a conversation that will increase engagement with both the bot and the HPE brand. Hugo personifies the power and learnings of a machine with a brain.

Title: The Making of a Cult
Brand: Hulu
Publisher: OZY

Views: 17M views

Shares: 168K Social Shares + 93M impressions 

OZY creates a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style interactive branded content piece to highlight the themes of Power, Survival, and Manipulation to pull readers into the show's powerful storyline. Equipped with dozens of custom hand drawn illustrations, the branded content piece is unique, beautiful and was extremely well received by OZY readers.

Title: The Future of Sleep
Brand: United
Publisher: WSJ

Views: 27,050 Page Views

Shares: 5,400 Social Referrals

Inspired by Polaris’ innovative sleep features, WSJ. Custom Studios and United partnered to create an integrated and immersive custom story that analyzes the future of sleep. Through WSJ’s “The Future of Everything” lens, the program utilizes data-rich research to showcase the importance of sleep, how it’s evolving and United’s role in this space.

The story includes insights from various external sources from the worlds of academia and tech, as well as United, and lives in an immersive hub. The story includes an integrated infographic created by WSJ. Custom Studios as well as photos and video.

Title: Man in the Hiiigh Castle
Brand: Amazon
Publisher: College Humor

Views: 5M + 

Shares: Over 600 shares on Facebook

Amazon approached us to help them promote the second season of their original series The Man in The High Castle. A show that asks viewers to accept the unimaginable - The US has lost WWII and is now controlled by Imperial Japan in the west and Nazi Germany in the east.

The ask to us was simple, do what CollegeHumor does best and use humor to drive awareness and ultimately tune-in to the the show through engaging, shareable and conversation sparking content.

But we were faced with a challenge - how do you bring humor to a show that exists in a world where Nazis control America? After a long and hard thought we realized that the only way to cover this was to get high (joking). And that’s when it hit us, we should get comedians high and ask them to try to make sense of this world.