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Title: Impossible to Ignore
Brand: Kia Motors America
Publisher: New York Times 

Views: 17,051,042 video views

Shares: 2,742,164 engagements

This event and content series was an experience-first partnership between Kia and NYT. Where we built live experiences, created content and owned editorial ecosystems to elevate and amplify Kia Cadenza's three key pillars: Sight, Sound and Motion. Spanning multiple formats and platforms, this was a unique, never-been-done-before engagement. While we've shared the URL which housed all the assets the contracted engagement centered on the creation of three uniquely Timesian events in partnership with Kia. Each event focused on a different theme: Film, Music and Design. At each event the Times brought together world-class journalists and A-list celebrity guests (e.g. Don Cheadle, John Legend, Thom Filicia). At each event attendees participated got to experience the 2017 Kia Cadenza through an experiential engagement. We also brought prominent social media influencers to capture the excitement and share across social media. The final and key component were the video narratives we created at each event -- 3 distinct 2-3 minute videos that captured the excitement of the activations and events and were used by Kia across their owned and social channels.

Title: The Future of Language

Publisher: OZY

Brand: Hulu
Agency: Universal McCann

Views: 450,000 page views

Shares: On social, we had 173,700 impressions, 7.742 clicks and 9,009 engagements

Hulu wanted to tap into OZY’s literature-loving demographic to drum up excitement for their original show The Handmaid’s Tale. To build excitement around Margaret Atwood fans, and to leverage both the show’s and the book’s future-forward dystopian themes, OZY created an immersive feature on that imagined three different scenarios for what the future of language would look like. Since Margaret Atwood was the first author to submit a book to The Future Library Project in Norway – a literary time capsule in which 100 books will be collected over the next century, and opened up in 2015 – we talked to linguists and futurists to imagine how people 100 years from now might receive Margaret Atwood’s unpublished manuscript, looking at how AI, emojis and climate change might affect the English language. We included a mini-game that invites users to guess classic book titles written in emoji.

One of the key demos Hulu wanted to reach were the “literati” and fans of Margaret Atwood who would be drawn to the show. We used Atwood’s role in The Future Library project to reach both these groups, and set it in the future to connect to many of the show’s main themes. For our two complimentary pieces, we also focused on literary themes presented in the show (the idea that women aren’t allowed to read for fear of punishment). We also illustrated these features to mimic the dark tone and saturated colors of the show.

We created two complimentary pieces on banned books and oppressed groups that have been denied the write to read or write (this is a plot point in The Handmaid’s Tale, and we wanted to give the reader a sense of what living and experiencing that world in real life would entail).

Title: The Unbelievers Short Film Series
Brand: Bai Brands
Agency: Tribeca Studios

Views: 30+ M

Shares: 168K Social Shares + 93M impressions 

Bai Brands wanted to celebrate its success in the highly competitive better-for-you beverage market by partnering with Tribeca Studios on a short film series that saluted others who have overcome odds. The "Unbelievers" short film series profiled individuals who embody Bai's mission to challenge the status quo and not let anyone tell you that you can't make the world (and yourself) better. Tribeca Studios and Bai worked together to find inspirational filmmakers and subjects that embodied Bai’s ethos. Each “Unbeliever” was a shining, poignant example of what’s possible when we unbelieve. Bai premiered the first film in the series, featuring Jessamyn Stanley, the self-proclaimed "Fat Yogi," during the Tribeca Film Festival's annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards. Stanley and Bai founder and CEO Ben Weiss both delivered powerful speeches to motivate audiences at the ceremony. This appears as owned content on

Title: This Is Everything
Brand: Youtube
Publisher: ATTN

Views: 93M impressions and 17M views

Shares:168k shares

In support of the YouTube Red original film, This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, YouTube and ATTN: built a social media campaign that brought awareness to transgender issues in America and demanded the attention of a young, dynamic audience.

Following the release of This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, ATTN: created four (4) unique videos, each highlighting a specific trans issue – Being Transgender, Gender Dysphoria, Gender Reassignment, and Sexuality. Each video featured trans individuals dispelling myths and stigmas and educating the public on what they can do to create a more inclusive community. While This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous also touched upon all four (4) topics, the release of the videos served to extend and amplify the conversation to a broader audience outside of the film's.

The videos were released one month prior to Transgender Visibility Day (March 31, 2017) and up through the week after the holiday for continued awareness and to prolong the efforts of the campaign:

Being Transgender - February 10, 2017

Gender Dysphoria - March 27, 2017

Gender Reassignment - March 31, 2017

Sexuality - April 5, 2017

The videos were seeded across the ATTN: social handles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This multi-content, multi-platform strategy was implemented with the aim of garnering a high volume of organic video shares and views.